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Join a rapidly expanding community of teachers, parents, and students successfully leveraging our customizable reading management platform.

Students Love Book Taco!

With a Book Taco account, the more books a student reads, the more rewards the student earns in the form of game coins, cyber swag and virtual pet playtime. With control over how to spend their game coins, the ability to customize their avatar, and personalized book review opportunities, Book Taco fosters student voice while making reading fun and shifting leisure time focus back to books.

Invaluable Assessment, Analytics and Management Tool

Whether you’re a media specialist in charge of administering your state’s student choice reading program or a resource teacher managing and preparing your Battle of the Books team, Book Taco provides the perfect interactive platform for tracking and assessing student participation along with the ability to centralize voting and student feedback.

Celebrate Reading Success!

Early reading is proven to have multiple benefits and is the key to a young learner’s academic future. At Book Taco, we provide the ultimate positive reinforcement platform which not only tracks reading achievement in a visually stimulating environment, but affords educators the opportunity to personalize praise, reward positive behavior, focus on improvement and infuse a sense of competitiveness.

Strategic Rewards and Sustained Engagement

The Book Taco approach to gamification focuses on sustained engagement while always putting the unique needs of the learners first. Students earn game coins for achievement, effort, and participation. These coins are redeemable in our game page that features a best-in-class suite of logic, strategy, sports and adventure games. Adding to the excitement, each game highlights the user name and personal avatar of the high scorer thus ratcheting up the competitiveness and capturing the learner’s interest in a fun, familiar environment.

*Our game page is completely customizable allowing educators the option of turning On/Off individual games or disabling the entire suite of games. There is also a Weekends Only setting.

Reading Logs


  • Gamified platform
  • Sustained engagement
  • Student ownership/agency
  • Broader participation
Book Counter


  • Select program
  • Create account
  • Register students
  • Get started!
Reading Rewards


  • Earn game coins
  • Robust game page
  • Progress indicators
  • Celebrate success!

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