Welcome Educators!

Here are the facts:

• Independent student reading is down
• National reading scores are dropping – *2019 NAEP
• Today’s students grew up in the digital age
• The technology genie is out of the educational bottle
Rather than view technology as a distraction, Book Taco leverages interactive engagement to promote literacy and develop lifelong readers.  If your legacy, one dimensional reading assessment program isn’t working, or you need to reinvigorate your reading culture, Book Taco can help!

Book Taco™ vs Accelerated Reader®

Cost isn’t the only Book Taco advantage!

Features Book Taco™ Accelerated Reader®
Reading Comprehension Quizzes t= t=
Teacher/Classroom Autonomy – at home quizzing t= t=
Student Writing Opportunities t= t=
Book Specific Vocabulary & Spelling Lessons
(Over 150,000 word lists & 13+ learning modules)
t= t=
Book Talk Video Creation t= t=
Gamified Reading Rewards t= t=
Custom Book List Creation t= t=
Book Related Printables t= t=