Book Taco Premium Membership

Access Book Taco’s entire database of quizzes, our full suite of alternative engagement modules, robust reporting and the ability to curate custom book lists.

Basic Free

The free version allows users to test the program before purchasing.  The Free version is limited to Book Taco book lists.

Classroom Premium

$74.98/yr 1-5 students
$128.98/yr 30 students
$199.98/yr 50 students
$388.98/yr 100 students

School/District & Public Library

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Plans & Features

Features Free Premium
Create teacher and student accounts t= t=
Quizzes and activities for Book Taco Recommended Lists – 30 titles t= t=
Game coins awarded to students for book activities completed t= t=
Student rewards page t= t=
Basic reports t= t=
Chat support t= t=
Access to over 15,000 book quizzes – complete database t=
Teacher and student custom book list creation t=
Robust teacher, school, district reporting t=
Create custom book quizzes t=
School or district “Super User” accounts t=
Interactive student reading log t=
Single Sign On Support t=
Class and individual student messaging t=
Import book lists – themes, state lists, shared between members t=
Data export to PDF and Excel t=
Book activity printables for custom book lists t=
Priority customer support t=
Individual student and group messaging t=
Ad free experience t=
VIP Training t=