How it Works

How it Works

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Teacher Account

Get started – add students

Set up your student accounts allowing 24/7 individualized access to As the “Teacher”, your account acts as the control tower providing a real time Book Counter, voting results and customization dashboard where you receive detailed reporting and establish optional reading validation preferences such as book quizzes, short answer questions and student book reviews.

*For large scale enrollment (school or district), Book Taco can automate the process. Please contact us.

Add Students

  • Individual student accounts
  • 24/7 cross platform access
  • Large enrollment automation
  • Intuitive interface

Oversee Program Participation

  • Student, class, school level
  • Print and share reports
  • Searchable database
  • Message class or individual

Power of Customization

  • Reading validation options
  • Teachers can credit/reward students for:
    • Read alouds
    • Participation
    • Printables completed

Student Account

Our Approach

Book award programs and reading lists exist for one main purpose; to ignite a love for reading in young learners. Unfortunately, literature is currently losing the war for our children’s attention to a myriad of technologically advanced entertainment such as gaming, social media and the internet. It’s time we level the playing field and get students excited about reading books again.

How We Connect with Students

Personalized Engagement

  • Progress indicators
  • Promote agency/student voice
  • Engage the most reluctant
  • Leverage competitiveness

Bridges Technological Divide

  • Embrace familiar format
  • Centralizes assets and messaging
  • Track, monitor, set goals
  • Connect students/teachers/parents

Reward Reading Achievement

  • Earn game coins
  • Customizable avatars
  • Prizes and cyber swag
  • Class milestone celebrations